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Last modified: June 6, 2024

Internet resale of Emerson Ecologics distributed products


Many of the brands Emerson Ecologics represents are formulated specifically for health professionals and are not available through online or conventional retailers. Emerson Ecologics respects and shares the beliefs of our professional brand partners that the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner is important to maximize the effectiveness of professional strength supplements. In view of this, we fully support the resale policies and restrictions of our suppliers.

Reselling policy

For the balance of our health & wellness professional brands, we have established the following formal policy regarding internet resellers:

  • Healthcare professional-only brand products are for sale to health & wellness professionals and their patients/clients only.
  • All resellers of health & wellness professional-only brands must have a licensed health & wellness practitioner on staff and provide their credentials for review and approval by Emerson Ecologics.
  • The customer agrees not to advertise through any online medium of mass communication such as online discount retailers or auction sites including but not limited to Amazon or eBay.
  • Any reseller reference or inference of any kind to discounts, price reductions, special call-in pricing, coupons, price-matching policies, or any other special promotion or offer on health & wellness professional-only products will be deemed to be a violation of this policy and grounds for immediate suspension of affiliated reseller’s account(s).
  • Health & wellness professional-only products may not be offered as part of an affiliate program.
  • Additional safeguards for online transactions may be required by certain brands as indicated in Emerson Ecologics’ Shipping/Purchasing Policies.

Emerson Ecologics’ Return Policy may not apply to internet resellers. Any internet reseller may not be eligible for any return.


For purposes of this policy “health & wellness professionals” are individuals that hold a professional qualification in the healthcare, health sciences or wellness field which sufficiently qualifies the individual to advise others on concerns of nutrition and personal health.


This Policy does not apply to sales through health professional-only products via a web page that is protected by customer account logins and a password not available to the general public. Access must not be provided to general consumers via email or through advertising and is only for the patients of their healthcare professional.


Emerson Ecologics will enforce its’ own internet resale policy and those of its brands and may terminate the customer’s account without notice.


Emerson Ecologics may, at its sole discretion, revise this policy at any time. Any failure by Emerson Ecologics in enforcing any provisions of this policy shall in no way be considered a waiver of such provisions or rights and shall in no way prevent Emerson Ecologics from enforcing the same at a later date.

Accepting brand agreements

Several of our brands have their own internet reseller policy and require agreement prior to gaining access to their products. Agreements can be reviewed and accepted from within your account.

Additionally, many brands, while not requiring completion of a formal agreement to gain access to their products, have their own internet reseller policies, and the resale of these brands is subject to these policies.


Please see Accepting Brand Agreements (iMAP policies) for instructions on how to accept agreements through the platform.

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