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Last modified: May 27, 2024

Registering a student account

Overview: Student accounts on Emerson Ecologics

Students who are enrolled in a qualified healthcare degree program and can provide verification of enrollment can register for a student account with Emerson to place personal orders. Students are restricted from ordering some brands and aren’t able to drop-ship orders to patients.

Registering a student account

To register for an account as a student:

  1. Click Sign up for our website or click here to access the registration form.
  2. Complete all required fields. In the Primary Certification field, select Student.
  1. Review and agree to Emerson’s Terms of Sale to register your account.

After graduation

Upon graduating, upload your professional credentials to unlock drop-ship services and access additional brands. 

To upload obtained credentials after graduation:

  1. Click My Account > Account Info.
  2. Under Actions, select Manage Certifications.
  3. Click + Add Credential.
  4. Select a professional designation from the menu and attach a file.
    upload obtained credentials.


Please allow up to one business day for credentials to be reviewed.

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